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Default Circle of Steel- The Jigsaw Seen

My friends, The Jigsaw Seen which is also Dave Davies of the KINK's backing band play a version of "Circle of Steel" from their Winterland album. These guys are such big Gordon Lightfoot fans and it was this very song that drew me to them. When my kidney recipient last year had a fundraiser for his aftercare, these guys were instrumental in stepping up to really help drive up donations by sacrificing their personal time by lead guitarist Jonathan Lea taking each donor out to dinner on his own dollar with added gifts to others of autograph CDs.

There is a Circle of Steel video of the song on YouTube. I was told by Jonathan, that a friend of theirs who had a connection to Gordon supposedly gave him a copy. But not a hundred percent positive Gordon actually heard it. Or if he did, what he felt about it. The song is a little different than Gordon's version and they wanted to pay tribute to someone who they really admire.

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