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Default Re: Wherefore and Why. Bobby Sherman

Originally Posted by Lisa J View Post
Funny, Bobby Sherman's voice doesn't seem as strong to my adult ears as it did to my child ears! Gotta say, Gordon's version is a bit better...
I did like Bobby on Here Come the Brides. I watched it all the time as a child. To any other fans of the show, the boy who was on the show, Eric Chase, sat next to me in Algebra in High School. weird and insignificant tidbit of info, eh?
I found it interesting . Most of my own posts are weird and insignificant

I recall my eldest sis spinning both sides of a Bobby Sherman 45 endlessly. I think it wad Julie Do Ya Love Me ...and Easy Come and Easy Go

When I wad 8 and naive watching that show I thought that's how the world was gonna I'd be surrounded by long haired dolls in long dresses and every gal would talk like and be built like Ellie May from Beverly Hillbillies.

A few years later I was being bossed around by spikey short haired teen gals wearing sweatshirts and stretchy track pants. Oh well, lol

Well, to bring the discussion back to Lightfoot, in the last minute of this episode we see and hear Jenny Lind

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