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Default Gordquest Minnesota begins in 24 hours!

3 shows in 3 nights.. Rochester, Minneapolis, Duluth..
south to north we go..
the weekend forecast?..
80's and sunny..
from Rochester thee old town..
to Hennepin Avenue on a Saturday night in the big city..
and then up on over the hill..
to the mighty shores of the great Gitch..
and the last show of the year..
I'm out of my little cubicle here tomorrow at noon!..
goin down Hwy 52..
Hey, did I tell you guys..
my tickets for tomorrow night's show?..
Dig this:
Row 1, Seat 1..
Row 1, Seat 2..
Now how cool is THAT!?..
Now I know, I'll be tucked in behind Michael's keyboard over there house left etc..
(not that they're the greatest seats in all the world or anything)..
but.. I dunno..
it's just..
Row 1, Seat 1..
I just like uh, I dunno, the way it sounds er something..
Can y'dig it?..
Row 1, Seat 1..
Row 1, Seat 2..
Stop by and say hello..

Truly yours,

- RJ The Incredible; goin down the road again, fer shows 29, 30, and 31..

come what may..

Hang on ye drifters now..
y'got so much to go'n gamble on..
Watch out for the shifting sand..
wherever you may ramble..

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