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Default Re: Neil Diamond Retirement

Thank you Rob, I've been trying for many days to come up with a way to say it.

In another example, my mother and her generation that loved Elvis in a way beyond
that word, were emotionally and for some even mentally devastated at his loss in 1977.

I think she didn't take too long to get back to listening to him but the thing is, I'm sure it no longer felt the same as before. Artists departing also has a way of making many people feel 'old' and it's not so simple to try and get into newer acts, as we've already had our musical favorites and/or heroes.

What I can now say for myself, is that I'm not just still sad,
I'm angry at some of them, because their untimely ends were preventable. I cried for Michael and Whitney the most and yes, for Prince.

Still, I'm mad at Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston and even
Freddie Mercury for doing things to themselves that destroyed them.

I'm only angry about George Michael and Tom Petty being taken far too soon as well as David Bowie and Glen Campbell. I'm also angry and like many, totally unprepared to see these acts leave so close together.

All of these acts to one level or another meant a great deal to
me, I have all the hit songs and all or some of the albums of each.

Maybe it's a mistake to get so deeply and emotionally involved but as one who has listened to popular music since age 4 or 5 and loved what I heard, I guess there was no way around it.

I only got to see Neil Diamond once, but that's one more than these others, except for Whitney, I saw her in May of 1991, before the drugs.
In the case of David Bowie, true he was older but it was still unexpected.

Couple this with all the other famous people of movies and TV that left us last year and not long before, it can't help but make me feel the way I do.

...but I guess if I can watch TV reruns and old movies, I should be able to listen to my music too. I think this will still take longer, but I'll know when I'm ready to do so. I'm an emotional it's not as simple for me.

Anyway,let's cherish who we still have with us and for those that are gone,, I know, I and we should remember them for the positive things they gave us.
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