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Default Re: What Should I Buy Next?

Originally Posted by Nightingale View Post
Yes, he does.
I was going to go search for this song and give it a listen but I decided to wait for awhile.
I am still picking apart Don I am also still waiting for my stuff from but when it arrives it should keep me busy for a long time.

Anyway, I have a date with Whispers of the North....I think I might even wait till I can go out and sit under the stars to listen to this one.
As crazy as the weather has been that could be next week.
The night skies are soooo much nicer in the winter months (when it's not snowing of course) and I make sure I look up every evening. And I'm usually having to stand and not for long because it's too cold! So I do hope you have that chance to sit under the stars to listen to Whispers!
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