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Default Re: Beverley Lightfoot Eyers

another Bev memory from Richard Harison - (Live sound engineer)


Although having met her numerous times beforehand, I never really got to know Gordon’s older sister, Beverley, until she took over the office management of Gordon’s company, Early Morning Productions, after the departure of Al Mair, who, along with Tom Williams, had recently formed Attic Records.

Al tutored Bev in certain aspects of Gordon’s business affairs—especially the publishing end, and in 1976 she started running the office alone—always guided by Gordon’s direction.

So at that point my relationship with Bev changed from being casual acquaintances to fellow workers in Gordon’s journey, and that change totally solidified a very strong friendship.

In reflection, I can definitively say that some of the most pleasant moments I had after the completion of a tour had to be when I would walk into the office to do the accounting of the tour with her.

Returning the concert proceeds and producing all the expense records usually took about ten minutes, but I was usually there for over an hour because Bev—sharp as a tack with an all encompassing sense of humor—wanted to know everything that had gone on—especially anything unusual or humorous.

Needless to say, I could almost always deliver! She would roar with laughter over the pranks that we sometimes pulled and wrinkle her face when I mentioned an incident wherein someone was trying to take advantage of Gordon—calling such ones “pests.”

She didn’t often get the opportunity to join us on the road, but when she did she always enjoyed it. Whether it was her desire to tag along with me to watch the lighting setup at the Universal Amphitheatre or the outrageously hilarious flight to Halifax, she loved being there.

She will be sorely missed by Gordon and his family as well as the rest of us on the Lightfoot team, past and present.
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