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Default Re: If Gord's Lungs Could Speak

I actually had to log out before, so I really hadn't
finished my message. (didn't know there'd be such a quick reply).

What I was going to conclude with, is that, Gordon (I'm guessing), may know exactly what he's doing and may have done here. Whether his comment of almost 'blythly' dismissing the emph. as something lesser, were just off the cuff, I don't know,

...but, many people that have smoked have somehow lived to 100
and Gordon is still around for a reason. Again, he's been very lucky.

And I consider my self lucky to be the first person in my family to never try those terrible things. Jim Nasium said "Like ALL young people he tried it but me , NO WAY...I wanted nothing to do with it.

I was called chicken and all that Bull-oney, but I steered
clear. These, drugs and alcohol. Even waited for the right time with Miss right.

In Gordon's case, much as i hate to think of him in that light. the nicotine may be stronger than the will to quit. Just like a person who eats more than they should & things they shouldn't bt so anyway.

If he quit now.....he 'could' add a few more years and somehow beat the odds. Sounds unrealistic I know, but I'd rather think that , than the worst.
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