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Default If Gord's Lungs Could Speak

Ok, so in the last 48 hours or so, I learned something that I knew I would hear, yet dreaded to hear: Gord admitting that he has emphysema. I had read before that Gord said he had started smoking at age 15. So did my parents. My dad was born in 1923, my mother in 1925. They both started smoking at age 15 which puts the advent of smoking around 1940-1942. In 1988 they both discovered they had lung cancer. My dad died in 1994, my mom in 1997. So smoking took it's toll. I remember as a kid, on Christmas Day, emptying the 6 or 7 ashtrays of cigarette butts from ashtrays from Christmas Eve when the relatives were over. Ashtrays full of butts. Dozens upon dozens of butts, into the garbage. I thank God my two sisters and I never had even the slightest desire to smoke. To us, it was a disgusting, dirty, bad breath situation we had to deal with from our parents and relatives. Through his twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, Gordon Lightfoot must have heard of what smoking could do to his body. Yet, he didn't give a shit. Children, and grandchildren yet to see, could not stack up to his desire to go out on his porch and have a smoke. Yes, he knew what smoking could do to his lungs, yet he didn't care. So at some point in the last few years, he was told that he has emphysema. And in the last few weeks, during interviews he's referred to it as a "touch of lung disease" and emphysema that he'll have to nurse back to health. I don't know if anyone has sat him down to explain what is really going on. The reality is: the meter is now running. Yes, you could say that at 78 the meter is running anyway, but now it is accelerated. Oxygen needed on the plane to concerts. Really? Did Gord think we'd never know? I love the guy to death, his music has changed my life in many ways. But for Gord to keep smoking while this is going on? In a recent interview, the person asking the questions asked Gord if he had stopped smoking. Gord responded "Of course not. Do you know of anyone who has?" Yes, Gord, my parents did. It's true, it's too late for stopping smoking to help you in totality, however here's what would happen if you stopped smoking today: Within 48 hours your lungs would start to try and expel the tar, nicotine, formaldehyde, and other components of cigarette smoke from your lungs. You would experience increased phlem and sputum as your lungs began to clean themselves. Yet, the damage you've caused them cannot be changed. However, stopping smoking would allow whatever meds your doctor has prescribed for you to work better, not encumbered with daily onslaught of incoming smoke. So Gordon, it's up to you, yes, the daily workouts at the gym will probably increase you life by a few months. But you have a deadly, progressive disease in you that you caused. To call it a "touch of a lung disease" makes you look uninformed and misleading to your fans. I personally would like to see you live to 100 and die peacefully in your bed. But chances are you will be sucking on an oxygen tank in 3 years hoping God will end it for you. I'm sorry, my parent's stupid choices weigh heavily on me and because you mean so much to me, I find myself being painfully honest. I wish you the best.
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