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Default Re: Video: Lightfoot Superfans (Any of You Here?)

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
. I also spent a few minutes backstage with Andy Kim..As Andy said they were both at a Lightfoot concert at the last Massey gigs in 2009 - and both are lovely to talk to.
As soon as I heard the name Andy Kim a loud bell rang but for the life of me I could not place him.But after some suitable googling and youtubing I found that he had a monster hit in 1974 (number 1 in the States and number 2 in the UK) with this very familiar ditty
the blue suited dancer at the very beginning is I wager none less than
the doyen of BBC disk jockeys and long term presenter of Top of The
Pops Sir Jimmy Savile (who is now according to his wiki page an ancient
84 years young)
the wiki also says
"In 1960 he presented Tyne Tees Television's music programme Young
at Heart.
Although the show was broadcast in black and white, Savile dyed his
hair a different colour every week"

reply posted BEFORE the sober rodent got in first!!
Sorry B!!

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