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Default Re: Lightfoot Newsletter info

Originally Posted by catrinka View Post

I know this sounds like a commercial's not (although it would be nice if folks supported one of "our own"!)
agree, this is a nice post and should not be perceived as a plug but instead info sharing

I was just reading that's it's the most referenced GL site on the internet so no shortage of support by we long-time gratefuls but especially glad you posted about the possibly overlooked music ordering service and the folk newsletter, it's packed with wonderful stuff!

internet newcomers looking for info on Gord or any other person should get into the habit or typing in the name they are looking for and then add .com ...another way is to type their name into a search engine and then click away as time permits

and if one's too lazy to type all that, Val also has also added helpful direct links to this and other sites following many and links such as hers is how I came across dr. jack

hopefully not to digress, but another tip: newcomers may also not be aware of the interesting posts that Val and others have contributed to the newsgroup over the years - fascinating stuff, my only question is in the Corfid links section, why does that link not take me to the site but instead gives me an e-mail pop up? anyhow, as time permits, search away the timelss corfid and ng archives for other hidden gems (use contributor keywords such as magee, mullen, fowles, kidd, harrison, carle, francis, etc, etc, in no particular order) - enjoy ...looking forward to Val's next issue

ps) I notice there are countless random threads re great links (as well as youtube vids), how about an extended corfid links section which has Val's and other terrific folk links such as woodsongs, folkalley, etc, etc? the folks who quietly put these together are our real heros!
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