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Default Re: Cousins Jesse Joe and Catrinka

Originally Posted by Jesse Joe View Post
Hi cousin podunklander,

My new cousin Catrinka, had sent me an email, to confirm this. She really is amazing with this stuff. But like you say,"I suspect there's more of us out there." I must admit it is funny to me... It really is a 'Small World.'

Cheers !!!

Well welcome to the family!!! Cat's chart was amazing and to see how all the lines between the families crossed and then intersected. Going all the way back to where our common ancester was born in...1575!!!

Hope you've been spared of the genetic cholesteral. Don't know if that reached your line of the family. Most of my aunts had it and therefore most of their children do too. My mother didn' neither myself nor my siblings have it so none of our children do either. Of my cousins that have it...most of their kids do too. My cousin's 11 year old already has an LDL level of 400. Some of my aunt's reached levels as high as 800...and that's while ON medication.

So I hope that bit of the small world didn't affect your branch of the family.

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