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Default Re: Pidgin Setup for GL Chat

This was only my third time in any chat room and when I logged in for the first time did not know what to expect. What I’ve come to realize is that the chat room is a cross between ‘Lightfoot Discussion’ and 'Small Talk'. It is a chance to become familiar with the personalities behind the ‘signature handles’ of the Corfid group members.
As much as we all love Gord, it still would be quite difficult keeping a discussion strictly on “Lightfoot”. Topics whether about Gord, social issues, politics, or other generally go in the direction the participants allow it to. Anyone can jump in at any time and lead the discussion in a different direction.
As if we were all to meet face to face at some concert venue, I’m sure the verbal topics would be wide and varied and not always to our liking.
All in all, I’ve enjoyed my three visits to the chat room. It was a delight sharing some laughs and getting a better sense of the personalities behind the name. Hope you give it another chance.


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