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Default Re: Pidgin Setup for GL Chat

Thanks Cathy, for taking the time to put this little tutorial together.
I followed it and had only little trouble getting in.
It was my first time in a chat room, of any kind.
found the subject matter.... not to my liking, to be polite about it.
Hopfully next time will chat about Lightfoot more, and social/political banter less. I was very dissappointed, but will try again when opportunity comes.

Anyone else thinking of using Cathy's tutorial, I suggest keeping this thread open while doing it so that you can easily reffer back to her instructions as needed. (That may be obvious, but I found it very helpful.)

Many thanks again for your help, Cathy, in this and other "technical" issues.
Bless you all and keep you on the road to tenderness
Heaven can be yours just for now

Peter Bro10
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