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Default Pidgin Setup for GL Chat

For those who would like to try Pidgin, here are some instructions for setting it up for the Lightfoot Chat. Sample dialog boxes are at the bottom of this message, if you need clarification. (Please be advised that I do not use Windows, so your dialog boxes may not look like mine!)

1. Download Pidgin at:

The size of the installation file is approximately 10.8MB, so anyone on dial-up should be aware that it may take some time to download. It is available for Windows, as source code, for Fedora (a Linux distribution) or for CentOS or RedHat Enterprise Linux as of this writing.

2. Install the program. (If you need instructions for installation, please see the FAQ on the site.)

3. After installation, on the top menu, select "Accounts", then "Add/Edit."

4. Select the "+ADD" button.

Under the Basic tab, you will see Login Options.

a. Next to "Protocol", use the drop-down menu to select the account type: IRC
b. Enter your screen name
c. Enter the Server address:
d. Enter your password (it will show up as dots/asterisks)
e. Enter your local alias (name to show up on the chat)
f. Select "Remember password" if you do not want to have to enter it every time you login
g. Select the "Save" option.

Under the Advanced tab, you will see IRC Options and Proxy Options

IRC Options

a. Check the Port. It should be "6667"
b. Encodings should probably be left alone, as they are usually system dependent
c. Enter your user name
d. Enter your real name
e. You will probably not select "Use SSL", as it may block you from getting into the chat room

Proxy Options

This is usually set by Pidgin using the default for your operating system, so you probably won't want to change this. If you run into difficulty, try another setting.

f. Select the "Save" option

This will set up the account.'s time to

Add the chat

On the top menu, select "Tools", then "Room List".

a. Select the account from the drop-down list: (Yourname) (IRC)
b. Select the "Get List" option. This will bring up a list of the available chats on the server.
c. Select the Lightfoot Chat: #gordonlightfootchat
d. Enter your password, alias and group (this will place the chat on the Buddy Menu where you want for quick access)
e. Select the "+ADD" option. The Lightfoot Chat will be added to your Buddy List.

To join in a chat:

option #1: highlight the account and press "enter" on your keyboard
option #2: right-click on the account and select "join"

This process can be repeated for other chat rooms. To add your AIM, MSN, Yahoo! or other supported account, the process is similar.

If you find that it works for you with this basic setup, you may want to explore the "Plugins" and "Preferences" under the "Tools" option on the top menu.

Hope this helps to get you connected!
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