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Default Re: Red Sox Nation Rules!!!!!

Wow! So many postings to comment on! I'll take them one at a time...

Jesse Joe ~

It is indeed a small world! And, you're quite right...Rheal didn't do very well in Boston. Kinda like Marc Gagné this year. Seems like Canadian baseball players have a bit of trouble catching on in Bean Town. I wish him luck for the future, though.

Although I'm a baseball fan, hockey is also high on my list of favorite sports. I've been following the Bruins since before becoming a Red Sox fan. And, as podunklander has guessed, I'm also a Patriots fan. Toss the Celtics into the mix and you get an idea of how I spent my youth!

If you are Acadian, chances are very good that we are related! Genealogy is a passion for me (to Yuri's consternation), so feel free to send me a private message and I'll be happy to check it out!

I've always loved Gord's music, but haven't had much time to get involved...I've kinda tagged along with Yuri. But, the people here have been very supportive of Yuri, which has endeared them to me. I'll probably not have a lot of time to contribute very often, but will be back!


I'm quite sure I'm related to J.P. Cormier, but haven't been able to trace his ancestry. If you know of anywhere that can be found online, I'd love to know!

Thanks for letting people know that I'm Yuri's wife...I forget that people here don't know that!

As for stepping into the world of "net people"...I've actually been online for about 10 years (computing for almost twice as long), just haven't joined up with any forums!


Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm very happy to be here...and thrilled to find another rabid Red Sox fan!

I wish I could take credit for prior knowledge of the football teams from the 40's...but I have to admit I had to look some of it up! However, my Dad played semi-pro ball, so I probably have a better background knowledge than many.

I'm fascinated by the team that your dad owned. With those clues, I might be able to tap into my research sources and come up with something. Give me some time and I'll report back.

The Pats had me a bit worried, but they managed to pull it out! Whew! I missed Ray Allen's debut here in Toronto, but caught some headlines...Wow! If he keeps playing like that, the Celts might have a shot at getting back the title!

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