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Default Re: Red Sox Nation Rules!!!!!

Originally Posted by catrinka View Post
Jesse Joe, I don't know if podunklander remembers him, but I do.

Like podunklander, I'm a native New Englander and have been a "member" of Red Sox Nation since before it was called that. I've been following the Red Sox since I was...<ahem>...a child. Memories of the "Impossible Dream" loss (the year Rheal was born) are as fresh in my mind as 2004's World Series win.

Unfortunately, Rheal's stint in Boston didn't stick. (Fenway Park is a southpaw's nightmare.) He might have better luck playing for the Jays. They could use him, for sure!

(Ironically, I'm also of Acadian descent. It is almost certain that Rheal and I are cousins of some sort. My g3grandmother was a Cormier (from Nova Scotia) whose grandfather was from Beaubassin, NB. Just about all Acadians are related in some manner!)
Hi Cathy!!! Nice to have another native New Englander/sports fan on the board WELCOME! I sorta/kinda recall Rheal...I know my son would better than I. That's the way it goes with pitchers though - some have come and gone but all have left memories! We certainly remember them if they gave us the 'middle finger'!

Well, I've been impressed by your knowledge of New England sports even before you joined us here lol! Last Friday night in the chatroom, Yuri was typing the names of the football teams from the 40's you were rattling off!

I only found the one copy of a newspaper article (1945) about the football team that my father owned...and that was from very soon after it was formed. I only have a partial clipping of the newspaper article, so the name of the team isn't indicated in what little I have. It does indicate the Italian-American sporting club and the Cercle Canadien as sponsors.

PATS were GREAT last night...AWESOME game!!! and how about Ray Allen over the weekend WOOOEEEEEEEEE!!!

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