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Default Re: Red Sox Nation Rules!!!!!

Hi Cathy A,

Great to hear all of this. It is indeed a small world eh ? I do believe this is the first I get to answer one of your post. I somehow heard Rheal didn't do to good in Boston.

I didn't follow his carrer all that much, as I am a hockey person first, and then in Baseball, the Blue Jays are my team.

He did play with the Montreal Expos. I can't speak for him but I think he would probably be happy to finish a couple of years in the great Canadian city of TO. What Canadian boy wouldn't ! Matt Stairs seems very happy to be playing in that fantastic Dome, and he is doing his share, helping The Jays... (He was born in St-John, NB.) But as far as Rheal, one would have to see. Everything is possible I guess.

It was a big thing in the early 90's down here when news broke that Rheal was going to play for The St-Louis Cardinals. Local small town boy making it to the majors. He grew up about maybe 3 miles south of where I grew up.

Very nice to get to hear from you catrinka. maybe you and I are also related.

You must love our musical hero Gord, to be on this board.

All the best,


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