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Default Re: The Friday Chat in the GL Chat Room

OK Last week's chat was a success. As well as the regulars who have kept it going.Many thanks Bill, SharRon, Brian and Peter we were able to welcome foure newbies, The Rose,the lady from Poduk_land. The Tennessee Trout and the Zoneranger all of whom were soon busily typing away and trying to keep up.
tonight is our fortnightly square dancing club err umm dance so I will not be in but if others who have yet to make their debut would like to give it try please do.
How about BillW and/or Kerstin for starters??
I also know that Peter bro10 was unable to get in which might be because his PC does not have a Java Virtual Machine, necesary to open the chat room Java applet
I am attempting so far unsuccessfully to insert a message that will appear instead of the applet's grey box and the chat room if either your operating system, browser or browser settings cannot or will not allow a Java applet to load. it will say more or less
"if you can read his then your operating system and/or browser cannot support running a java applet, gettingmIRCis by far the best and easiest solution"
Anyway as it is likely that I will be missing more chats and am busy on other projects,I am looking for a volunteer amongst the "regulars" to keep reissuing reminders like this every week.
i had meant to email sharRon and Bill to see if one of those stalwarts would oblige but have run out of time so how about it???
Chat tonight at 9 PM EST

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