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Default Re: The Friday Chat in the GL Chat Room

what the man said
I have been taken to task by a mouse for being a stranger of late in my chat room, rather our chat room
The reasons are manifold mostly due to the visit recently of my best friend from the UK when we were away two Fridays in a row,
In addition Susan and I are now keen participants in the local Square Dancing scene and our local club's dance is every other Friday.
Those are our excuses together with the lamentable fact that Susan's department is very understaffed and busy,so that the only thing she really wants to do at the end of the week is sleep!!
However I do intend attending myself this evening and have just emailed peterbro10 to try to get him to come in. It would be nice to see a few others especially the newbies so how's about it DSR,Kerstin etc
It is now 6PM EST so it starts in just three hours at 9PM EST/ 6PM on the west coast and something like 11 AM tomorrow morning down under
(catman)Ron, Sydney Steve where are you???
See ya!!
full description at:-
To keep it simple I will spoil you so just click this nice BLUE button

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