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Default Re: Red Sox Nation Rules!!!!!

congrats to Bosox! ....I missed most of the series, IMO, such a slow sport unless your team's invloved...not sure of this one was more boring or not than the Bosox series win a few years ago but the journey there is certainly usually most exciting for most fans

I wish there was a salary cap to even the 'playing field' a bit, it's rediculous for small market teams and i really love it when they somehow manage to knock off the big spenders

I heard that Yanks paid ARod more than 11 different teams TOTAL payroll....and Bosox paid over $100M for one of their Japanese pitchers...crazy, and Toronto is starting to follow bad the days of seeing the young prospects develop through one's farm system and then play and star for that same organization are pretty much gone....i guess money can buy happiness but i love when it occasionally buys misery instead

glad nobody was killed during the celebrations, just a few nuts got out of hand which is not fair if it tarnished the feat or fine city of Boston...seems like more normal than not in any city

to us others, maybe next year
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