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Default Re: My club wins Australian Football League title after 57 years

FormerlyLavender and BillW,

Thanks for your kind thoughts. On Sunday 5Dec2021, ten weeks after the Melbourne Football Club won that Australian Football League Grand Final in Perth and broke its 57-year premiership drought, its home-town fans got to celebrate it with the players, coaches and staff. The event was at our home ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (capacity 100,000), where the Grand Final would have been held if a COVID outbreak in our south-eastern state Victoria hadn't shifted the game to the west coast of Australia. The northern half of the stadium was used for this week's event and it was attended by 35,000 MFC fans, making it the biggest event in Melbourne for 6 months. The Grand Final game was replayed on the video screens, followed by presentations to the players and senior coach and a half-lap of honour with the premiership cup. I was there and loved every minute.

Australian Football League website article:

TV news report (3 minutes):

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