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Default What kind of man will come to this country?

I am seeking lyrics and sheet music (and, even better, an mpeg file or something) of a Gordon Lightfoot song that does not seem to appear on any of the standard comprehensive lists of his songs. I do not know its official title, but a prominent line in the song was "what kind of man will come to this country?".

The song, performed by GL, was part of the soundtrack of a film that played for several years at Ontario Place on Toronto's waterfront in what I believe was called the Cinesphere, sort of an ahead-of-its-time version of an IMAX theatre I think. I lived in Hamilton when I attended graduate school in the mid-70s, and I saw this beautiful film in 1974. I don't remember the movie's title, but it was sort of a low-key documentary about life in Northern Ontario, the cold part of the province where I spent my early childhood. I love both the song and the film because they speak to me of my parent's own decision to emigrate from Germany to Canada in the 50s.

If anyone knows anything about this song please reply to this posting or just email me at Many thanks,

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