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Default Milwaukee May 3, 2013

Here is the setlist for last night's show:

The Watchman's Gone
Don Quixote
I'd Rather Press On - Gord mentioned the Fallon show and that they had been
asked to do a song for the archives.
Wild Strawberries
Waiting For You
Christian Island
Rainy Day People
Beautiful - followed by the introduction of the "bandmates" - Gord called Barry
"the wonderful Rock of Gibraltar"
Let It Ride
Now and Then - he said "We never do this one!"
Carefree Highway - he said that it's really only been 48 years
Cotton Jenny
Ribbon of Darkness - Gord pronounced the Over Me singalong as "not bad."


Drink Yer Glasses Empty
Sweet Guinevere
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Gord mentioned that the ship was built in
Never Too Close
All the Lovely Ladies
Clouds of Loneliness
Painter Passing Through
In My Fashion "a toe-tapper"
Early Morning Rain
If You Could Read My Mind - standing O from the crowd, and Gord asked the
band to take a bow
Baby Step Back
Song For a Winter's Night - we were told we were a very good audience

Encore - Cold On the Shoulder

He was in fine voice and good spirits throughout, although in the second set he began to bend over frequently to clear his ears, and at one point hit himself several times on both sides of his head, and muttered something about flying. The band, as always, was impeccable, and the crowd, while not as rowdy as some beer- enhanced Milwaukee audiences, was loud and appreciative.

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