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Default Re: Columbia MO May 17, 2022 @ Missouri Theatre

Thanks Char! I thought the site was gone for good. Glad the see that is not the case!

Either Wayne copied mine...or I had it right in the first place. I was in the front row but didn't feel like writing it all down. (For the first time in many years.) I wrote them all down when I got back to my hotel, but wasn't sure of the order.

Anyway, I checked and someone else who was there listed them but left off three he didn't know and I think he said he wasn't sure of the order either.

I edited in the three (Sweet Guin., Race among Ruins, Winter's Night) but was never positive if the order was right. I know, I know, in the grand scheme of things etc. but with Mr. Lightfoot, I like to have it right!
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