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Thanks for putting this one up Char.

It inspired me to reflect back on the few times I was in the presence of John and the mention of "that distinctive bass pattern" he played in "Song For A Winter's Night."

Recalling back to the CBC television production in 1968 when I sitting probably within twenty feet from the band and watching and listening to Gord, Red and John perform that song, I would have to say it kind of put me in a sort of "trance." Very mesmerizing effect I found.

Another time I recall was in 1969 at the St. John's, Nfld. airport, Gord and John arrived for a concert after taking the midnight flight from Toronto.
Red couldn't make that one for some reason so it was just John and Gord up there but they made it work real good.

Gord was arranging their rental car while John was waiting for the luggage to arrive and I walked over said hi to him and offered help. He was very gracious and also let me take a picture of him. Unfortunately the photo got lost along the way.

Being unaware that John was no longer in the band at the time Tom mentions after the release of the "Back Here On Earth" album, at the following Massey Hall concert series Gord introduced "Rick Haynes" as a "new man" in the band.

Sort of "caught off guard" and in a way, saddened to a degree, being piqued on seeing John up there again as usual, it left me with a sort of weird feeling.
But having being involved in the music industry for many years, I understand that change happens with band members and it's clear that Rick Haynes is more than just a well qualified bass player, but a stoic man indeed.

Another interesting point in Tom's article is the mention of the "rehearsal demo tapes" for the "Sundown" album that were done at Richard Harrison's studio.

Hopefully we'll get to hear more about John and his most interesting musical career.

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