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Default My club wins Australian Football League title after 57 years

On my previous Small Talk thread "And 2 Gord songs on an Aussie's 60th birthday album", I mentioned James Taylor's song "Angels Of Fenway", which described how in 2004 the Boston Red Sox broke their 86-year title drought. I said that my beloved Australian Rules Football club, the Melbourne Demons, last won the AFL title in 1964 (when I was 2 years old) and after half a century of frustration I wished that they would "do a Boston Red Sox". Finally, on 25Sep2021, my wish came true. Ironically, due to my state Victoria's untimely COVID outbreak and interstate quarantine requirements, the Grand Final was shifted from the Melbourne Cricket Ground (capacity 100,000) to Perth Stadium 2500 miles west (capacity 61,000) and I couldn't attend. Melbourne led the Western Bulldogs 29-8 at quarter time, trailed 40-59 in the middle of the third quarter, then dominated the remainder, winning 140-66. I was especially happy for my mum, who started following the club in 1965 (the year after their last premiership). As she is 90 years old and has a faulty heart and worsening Alzheimers, it was almost certainly her last chance to enjoy a premiership. We watched the game together at her house.

Fox News video highlights (4min):

AFL website written match report:

Full match video (2hr10min):

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