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Default Ed Mullen has passed away

For those of you who have been around this group for many years, I'm sure you remember one of our most famous and talented Lightheads, Ed Mullen. Ed and his wife were originally from the Northeast but had been living in the Atlanta, GA area for around 20 years.

In August, Ed was diagnosed with lung cancer, which had spread widely and was not curable. Ed has been at home for the past 4 months, under Hospice care. My husband and I visited them in Sept., and it was very painful to know we would not see him again.

Ed was a very talented musician with a great voice and lots of wonderful guitars, which he played so well. Ed was a member of the "original" Lightfoot Tribute Band, which played concerts at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY in 2002 and 2003. Ed was a part of a small group of us who got together many times over the years to play music, tell tall tales and just have wonderful times. Ed and Derek Kidd, also a member of the original Lightfoot Tribute Band, were very close and sang and played together many times - here at our home in Austin and in lots of other locations around the country and in Toronto during several Massey Hall gatherings. Ed wrote a beautiful song about Gordon and his thoughts about Gordon's music and its effects on Ed's life and musical career. It started out as a poem and then Matt Carl, also a very talented musician and member of the LTB, put it to music. Their song, "Courses" is a tribute to what Gordon's music means to so many of us. Ed loved Gordon's music, and he loved all the Lightheads he got to meet and know because of that music.

Ed is survived by his wife, Sharman, to whom he was married for over 46 years.

Please join me in a moment of reflection and tribute to a great guy who will be terribly missed.

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