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Default Re: Postponements notification - new

I was heading to Dan and Nanci's in Hamburg to go to the Buffalo and Rochester shows..
Was a taking the bus so will see about a refund but I doubt they will give it to me. Also will try my credit card company to see what they can do - a few years ago when he LIGHTFOOT tribute shows were cancelled on short notice the credit card folks refunded the 4 nights ticket prices for myself and many others who were caught in the insolvency issues at the venue.

My only wish is for him to take it easy and even think about postponing the Canadian portion he plans on doing and see how things are in the new year..

I know it is a HUGE issue to do so with all of the arrangements already done and new ones to plan but he shouldn't be pushing it at his age. It's a gruelling thing to tour at the best of times let alone at his age but with the health stuff thrown in.. it's worrisome..
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