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Default Re: Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver & Harry Chapin - Irish Lullaby & Taxi (1977)

A few years ago the one of the original Bit torrent listing or "tracker" websites was which has long since closed down and morphed into
In its heyday easytree maintained a section for bootleg album artwork now apparently discontinued and I had saved what was there.
It included some most unimpressive jewel cse inserts for the Skip Weshner radio show discs
plus the Taylor/Denver/Lightfoot/Chapin benefit concert
I had long wondered what that sounded like so it was great to hear these two samples and yes it would be very nice if whoever uploaded those two tracks or any one of us who had the complete three disc set could find a way of making the entire concert available
(mp3s on rapidshare perhaps???)
Irish Lullaby was track1 on CD2 and Taxi track 5 on CD3

those are resized versions of the very much larger originals if anybody needs them

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