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Default Re: Gord & Terry's "Mystery" Guitar: The McGlincy

Don't forget to click "All Pictures" or words to the effect.

I am happy to solve the mystery, for those of you who were curious and never did recieve a satisfactory explanation about this Instrument...I am sorry it has taken so long...better late, than never at all.
(Although I have been a member of this Group, for years, I have rarely posted. (One post made, was not mine. It was some sort of spoof, or spam. This soured me and made me a bit reticent to post anything. However, I would "lurk" and observe, from time-to-time. I finally became motivated to share thoughts and reveal insights, upon the learning of poor Terry's death. My intention was validated, upon witnessing the common outpouring of respect for the Man. I still can't believe he is gone. I will miss him, terribly. The world is now a poorer place.)
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