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Default Re: Request for Redding show - Home From the Forest

It was nice to meet you and your husband, DSR! And, of course we're pleased Gordon played "our" song. I did not keep a setlist - I'm not as familiar with his entire repertoire as I'm sure many on this list are - I do recall highlights besides HFTF of Cotton Jenny, Beautiful, Edmund Fitzgerald, Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Rainy Day People, Carefree Highway, Ribbon of Darkness with a LONG pause before NOT singing the final "Over me" and instead breaking right into Sundown, and Song for a Winter's Night as the first encore. The sound was excellent in the venue, even in the back of the hall disabled "box seats" we were in (my wife is recovering from an injury) and Gord's vocals and guitar playing were strong. An excellent evening overall. Enjoy the rest of the tour!
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