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Default Re: Terry Clements Guitar?

Great pix of Gord and his gear. I started a thread a few days back about the pickguard patches. The explanation given certainly makes sense. By the way, does Lightfoot have a McGlincey or a D-45 on the cover of Dreamstreet Rose? There's a pix of him on Waiting For You that shows the same guitar, as well as a YouTube video of a 1979 performance of If You Could Read My Mind, with the same axe.

I have never had much to do with the OOO-body guitars - I did own a maple-bodied concert-sized guitar with a cutout - hated it. Good for finger work, though. I have kept with dreads, myself - Guild, Martin, and Blueridge. Anyway, I could go on all day about gear. Like I said, great pictures.
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