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Fezo, magnificently silly topic.

It reminds me of "Romeo and Ethel, The Pirate's Daughter" from the movie "Shakespeare In Love."

My nominees, in chronological order of the canon:

"Lightfoot" becomes "OO OO OOO WHOO HOO HOO"

"The Way I Feel" becomes "Not Afraid to Darn"

"Did She Mention My Name?" becomes "You Don't Eat Soap, Anyhow"

"Back Here on Earth" becomes "Deedlee dum Deedlee Dee"

"Sunday Concert" is a toughy. Perhaps "I've Even Read the Bible"

"SDYS/IFCRMM" becomes "So Now I'll Take the Butts Away"

SSOL becomes "Well Shut My Mouth" (although Fezo's choice is not bad)

ODR becomes "Can't Find No Oats to Eat"

DonQ is another toughy, but I'd suggest "You Can Get Yourself a Honey"

"Sundown" becomes "Don't Include a Lady Barber"

COTS becomes "Kiss You While You Knit"

"Summertime Dream" becomes "His Crew Threw His Balls (to the Sharks)"

"Endless Wire" becomes "Rubbin' the Wrong Girl Right"

DSR becomes "Wily Old Weasels (in Hollowed Out Logs"

"Shadows" becomes "There Goes Another Sandbar" even though it's a better title for a Jimmy Buffet album

"Salute" becomes "Boys Are in the Buff"

"East of Midnight" becomes "They Named a Candy after Her"

I agree with the above suggestions for WFY and Painter.

And lastly, "Songbook" becomes "The Smell of the Beans Comin' Through the Evergreens"

Ouch! With album titles like these, Gord's career would have sunk lower than the Fitz.

GTG. The dustcloud on the edge of town is me.

"And the laughter came too easy for life to pass me by." - SDYS

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