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Default Re: Youtube reactors

I've thought about creating a post about this trend of YT reaction videos.

Generally, unless you are talking about a few groundbreaking videos from the mid 80s, I don't like watching people react to video presentation, because they are judging the video and not the audio.

As for Gord, his heyday was before promotional videos, so a lot of songs up on YT are of fan made clips or some rare live recorded performances back in the day, so reaction videos based on these are usually all about showcasing the music, which is fine.

Reactioners seem to want some kind of image playing when they view, and the "lyric video" of Wreck works really well for this. But I'd like them to jump back a few years and react to "Yarmouth Castle" which I think I recommended in the comments on one such video, but the clip on TY of that song is just a playing of the Sunday Concert track... and that's "borrrinnng" I guess. Even if the song is not.
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