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Default Youtube reactors

Not sure if others here have caught on to the new genre that is youtube reactions, but in lockdown I've been sifting through a fair few of them - my favourites are Andy and Alex who dive into all sorts of classic rock (but they don't really cover singer-songwriter's so no Gord from them so far) and give much more intelligent/in-depth discussions of the tracks they're hearing afterwards than most (too many reactors just go, oh, yeah, that was great...erm, tell us something we don't know!)

Anyway, there's a few for Gord if you go looking for them - mostly of the same 3 songs (you know the ones) but a couple that rise above the rest for me are Justin's reaction to (the original) CRT:

And a bit different, not a straight reaction as such, but a father and son reviewing all of Gord's Gold on a track by track basis:

Always nice to see Gord getting discovered for the first time by people who never knew what they were missing.
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