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Default Re: NEW BOOK!-ONCE UPON A RED EYE-Life on the road with Gordon Lightfoot-Richard Hari

Awesome, thanks for the additional commentary. I knew that the peeps behind mikes and behind the scenes when "B.B Class Road" was produced, were likely the same people that Richard worked with back then.

Now, tying this back to Gordon. How do I even know this song exists? Well I'm not a big fan of the Byrds. So what gives? Well in the mid to late 80s lots of record collections got dumped on thrift stores. I shopped Goodwill and Salivation Army back then. I'm pretty sure I bought Gene Parsons' album "Kindling" at Goodwill for 60 cents. Why did I buy it? First of all, it had a gatefold album cover and inside was only an image, no text. The image made a point (a poorly deforested area with lots of tree stumps, with a portable TV sitting on a tree stump displaying an image of a living forest) that I appreciated the irony of. I then looked at the album credits... I saw some names I recognized, Russ Titelman and Lee Hershberg. I knew those names from reading GL album credits, and I figured I should give a chance to anyone who those names were attached to. I liked the album, quite a bit. Years later I looked online to see if I could get it on CD. Turns out Sierra Records had re-issued it as The Kindling Collection, on a gold CD of all things, along with bonus tracks of all the songs that Gene had done in the years just prior to and after his solo record. That included B. B. Class Road, with a liner note from Gene telling how that song came to be.
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