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Default Re: NEW BOOK!-ONCE UPON A RED EYE-Life on the road with Gordon Lightfoot-Richard Hari

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
Hi Andy - Richard saw your post and was touched by it - He sent me this to post:
''I was never contacted or interviewed by Jennings.....
Thanks Char for passing that on!

Now, I threw in a specific Easter-Egg above, not sure if anyone got it. A link to a song that I only know of, because I'm a Gene Parsons fan and it was on a Gene Parsons compilation that I own. I think it came around a little bit after Richard left the Byrds, but still... it was a Byrds song that Gene helped write and sang, "B B Class Road", which was a reaction to another bandmember disrespecting the road crew, so they wrote a song that talked about the lives of the roadies... "...this song is dedicated to all the Road Managers who are worth a dang..."
"May this world find a resting place... where Peaceful Waters flow..."

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