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Default Re: Stompin' Tom has died at 77

I imagine there's no mention of Tom's thoughts on Gordon because the thread is about Tom and everyone's thoughts about him upon his death..

When I spoke on the phone with Gordon in July 2012 - he mentioned Tom:
I asked Gordon if there were any awards he would like to get considering he has almost everything there is to get and if he’s comfortable receiving all of these accolades. He laughed and replied, “I’m always busy working and staying prepared so I don’t have time to rest on my laurels too much.” “I do appreciate them and I’m beginning to appreciate them more and this latest one, this Songwriters award is a very important one. I feel very good about it.” I said, ‘there’s only three Canadians out of the almost 400 who have received the award.” Gordon said, “there’s Leonard Cohen, and myself and who’s the third?” I said I couldn’t’ remember and would have to look that info up. Gordon said, “they should put Bryan Adams in..Hey! They should put Stompin’ Tom Connors in!” I said that seeing Stompin’ Tom in Manhattan just might be worth a trip to New York and he laughed.
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