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Thank you for the kind words LadyA. The best part of this whole story I even failed to mention. But my kidney and Jerry are doing so well together. The doctors were even surprise at how well his body accepted it. There were a few normal adjustments on his anti rejection medication when his creatinine levels rose slightly a few weeks after surgery. But nothing ever out of the norm. And they've since lowered to an acceptable level. The full impact of how I helped Jerry hit me a couple months ago when he was at his house straightening it up. Last year he mainly stayed at his parents home and let his home become pretty bad off. And on the phone be said in January, "I'm over here cleaning my house and fixing it up. Last year I really let it go David when I didn't even think I'd be around this year. So why take care of it?" It hit me right then and there at just how dire his outlook was. He hid that feeling from us all. Tomorrow I'll try to post photos of he and Gordon and one of us together just minutes before we went in for surgery. Bless you all for allowing me to tell our story.

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