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Default Re: Gordon Lightfoot Biography

that's not fair for professional reviewers to only negatively critique it because they expected an actual Bio ...if that was going to be the "long awaited Gord bio" then I think there would have been much more publicity and hype throughout the nation (and pockets of the continent and globe) and amongst hardcore fans

I find it refreshing to see people still buying hardcover books and/or real printed newspapers, and bookstore shelves still lined with offerings of every sort...

can you imagine in 50 years when our kids will be saying "it's so refreshing to still see the odd person still holding iPads (or a Kindle thingie)"


here's is the review at the website:

An unauthorized, semi-fictional account of Lightfoot, using the 1972 Mariposa Folk Festival and
events of that year as a backdrop. It's difficult to give this author any credence on the subject matter,
in light of his admission of spreading false rumours of Lightfoot plagiarising, then refusing to retract
his comments when proven wrong. And on top of everything else, pasting Gordon's friend
Bob Dylan on the cover, smacks of cheap exploitation. It's more the kind of book
you'd expect from someone like Kitty Kelley.
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