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Default Re: AUSTIN-TEXAS-Feb.11-2014

The show started off rather pecular yet in a manner which I think most of the fans loved when it was all said and done. The band came out on stage followed by Gordon. After playing just a few seconds of the intro of "The Watchman's Gone", Gordon stopped playing. Made a comment, turned around, took off his guitar and set it down. He then ran off stage. As the band and audience waited for about 3 or 4 minutes, Gordon ran back on stage with another guitar and the band kicked into TWG again. It was great. No explanation but judging from what we viewed, he had the wrong guitar I'm guessing. Some people may have looked at this as a spectacle that they had no patience for. But for us hardcore Gordon fans, it was as if Gordon came into our own home and had to just run back out to the car and grab his other instrument. I am glad that Gordon feels as comfortable doing that in front of us as we are as comfortable letting him do it. He's a class act.
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