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Default Re: John Kennedy and Gordon Lightfoot

I have the WB collection and yes,that's a terrific song and very touching as well.

I had no idea that's why he wrote it though,interesting news.

In relation to the Kennedy's,by the way,my family
seems to have several slight co-incidences and or happenings.

Robert's B.-day was Nov. 20th,this is the day in 1963 my parents married (would have been 50 years now.)

On the 22nd,they were still on their honeymoon and the next day they decided to
head to Washington and they attened the procesion on the 25th. Still have their photos.

Sept. 1964 my oldest brother was born and Robert won his Senate race in Nov. '64

July,1967 my 2nd oldest brother was born ,same day Robert& family rafting in AZ (where we eventually moved to.)

June 5th, 1968 Robert Kennedy was killed,funeral on the 8th. I was born 5 days later.

February 1972, Ted Kennedy flies to Bangladesh . Same month my parents divorced.
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