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Default Paducah, Kentucky loves Gord!

I sometimes wonder, "gee, will people in <fill in the city name> come out to see Gordon Lightfoot?"

Once again, last night, I got my answer. Whether it's Beaumont, TX, Peoria, IL, etc., etc., etc. or Paducah, KY, yes, all he has to do is be there. They will come. Hey, some of us will even come from Austin, TX!

The Carson Center was a perfect venue for Gordon and his orchestra. I looked around, just before the lights dimmed, and it appeared almost full. The crowd was very polite and subdued, and there was almost no shouting out for specific songs. But they were certainly "vocal" in their applause and cheering after every song, especially the ever-recognizable ones. The ovation for IYCRMM was amazing.


Did She Mention My Name
Carefree Highway
Sea of Tranquility
All the Lovely Ladies
I'd Rather Press On
Wild Strawberries
Christian Island
Let It Ride
The Watchman's Gone
Ribbon of Darkness
The Wreck
Drink Yer Glasses Empty
Sweet Guinevere
Cotton Jenny
Clouds of Loneliness
Waiting For You
A Painter Passing Through
If You Could Read My Mind
Baby Step Back
Early Morning Rain
Encore - Rainy Day People
In My Fashion

Oh, and, before I forget, I should mention that Gord asked the audience if we were all sufficiently "sophonsified." That's right - "sophonsified."

Had a nice visit with Gord, Barry and Carter after the show. As always, the ever-gracious Warren made sure we got to the right place at the right time. I'm always amazed and grateful that Gord is so considerate to greet fans after his shows. It's a tough job to stand on a stage for that length of time and we all know that he's tired by the time he's done. But he's very conscious of the fact that it's the fans that make it possible for him to keep doing what he loves, and he's very anxious to thank them. He's a classy guy. Always has been.

So now it's time to head to Bowling Green for tonight's show. One of the best things about seeing last night's show was knowing I could do it all over again tonight.

More later.
Ever Onward -

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