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Default Re: Gord on piano live - Fine as Fine Can Be

Originally Posted by 3pennies View Post
Now, I consider myself above average computer literate but I can't seem to be able to save the concert and burn it. Any ideas?
OK thrupence
It was nice to see that Ron had a stab at attempting to reply to the plea by the relatively computer challenged three pennyworth (Dan I do believe)
Whilst I doubt if Ron will be reading this as he publicly announced that he had set his corfid preferences to ignore my contributions here. So be it that is his prerogerative and we all have our crosses to bear. But other than indirectly advising Dan to get a computer savvy offspring Ron failed to address Dan's underlying question, viz "how to save the concert and burn it"
At the risk of creating what the younger Jones erk terms another of my valuable tutorials I will reply rather more fulsomely.
Here goes
As I personally consider this "Recording Of Independant Origin"
to be one of the best available, mainly for the inclusion of the a rare live rendition of the superb "Now And Then"
I am composing a rather lengthy reply to you .
Anybody who is bored by my ramblings please go and read another thread and stop complaining!!!

First downloading had 3d/3p read and studied two earlier postings of mine to the "2001" thread at:-
the first tutorially one on 19 August plus an embarressed correction on the 20th he should have noticed a prominent screenshot showing search results at

displayed therein there are columns "view setlist" "listen" and blow me down wiv a fever "download"?
the latter is obviously there for a reason. but if you merely click away at it you then get the same result as the "listen" link. Nar to actually download you need to scratch yer bonts a little then try the dodge of right clicking the link!! Lo and behold you will get an err umm right click menu which wonder of wonders includes an invitation to "Save Target As"

Do so and you will download a not too large (23.5MB only) all in one wma file named

hovering your mouse over the file name after downloading it should reveals the salient details

Note two vital facts revealed there
1 the recording runs 80 minutes plus 52 seconds which unfortunately just exceeds the capacity (80 minutes of audio) of a standard CD-R
to use it therefore to burn a non stop concert will therefore require a modicum of pruning
2 it was encoded to wma using the very low sampling Bit Rate of only 40 kbps.
Most file sharing mp3s are at least 128KBPS and a full CD audio file is 1411KBPS
(note that the resulting file's size is directly proportional to the sampling rate
Note that "all in one"
usually concert downloads comprise a set of individual track mps3s or in the upper echelons of file sharing lossless FLAC files
(Free Lossless Audio Codec) format losslessly compressed files most often found in concert torrents
I did in fact acquire such a set of 21 FLACs,and the blurb that came with it said:-
"This is an audience recording. Part way through the set Lightfoot complained there wasn't enough volume so the soundman bumped up the gain. One of the rare concerts
without Barry Keane on drums.
2 set concert put onto one CD. Includes a decent copy of Partners and Stone Cold Sober which was introduced by GL as a brand new song.
Cherokee Bend which was on the source CD was deleted as it was only a partial track of 1 min."
I had prevously found that the set of FLACs when loaded into burrrn to

burn an Audio CD totalled only 76:42

I have now fully played the wma and whilst Cherokee Bend is also omitted
The diference between CD's 76:42 and the wma's 80:53 is I think mostly accounted for by sonme extra audience noise (In particular the lengthy applause after the final song CRT) or Gord's ramblings that were not included in the separated tracks in the torrent set, one notable omission as pointed out by Senor Don the Quixotic is the delightful short (just about one minute) of Gord's piano playing after which he royally takes the urine out of Liberace
Another thing I picked up,that I had previously missed, was his aside during CRT "Richard we don't have any sound" undoubtedly an admonition to Richard Harrison
I have now find a simple way of isolating that Liberace impersonation to add to my mp3 set as there is room for it on a CD
I had converted the original a wma to an mp3 using the freeware program
[url=]Switch Audio Converter Software[/url}
and after several false starts I located another freeware program, the very small mp3 trim
with which I was able to separate out the Liberace piece which ran from 49"30 to 50:30 as a single small mp3 to add to the 21 that I had made from the original FLACs
this I did by playing it from the beginning then clicking the "mark start " button at 49:30 and then the err umm "mark end " button at 50:30, then clicking the
"direct save " button as indicated by the cursor arrow in this brilliant screenshot.

All I then had to do was repeat the exercise setting the start at about 0:00 and the end at slightly less than the 1:20 limit

the saving seemed to take place in real time err umm over an hour
then a burning program such as burrrn will have no quibble about the total running time:-
Makes as Ron found a great all in one continuous concert CD
I have tried (unsuccessfully so far) to create a continuous concert cd from separate track files but save for joining all the audio files into one conglomorate file I have yet to find how to burn an audio multitrack disc with minimal or zero gaps between tracks. Anybody have any idea??
(yes I now do myself because as I reported in a later posting

http:// in a different thread I have found that using the freeware burning program Expess Burn allows you to burn a continuous concert CD by selecting the "Session At Once" option with zero gaps between the tracks

Anyway 3d I was sorry that this year we were unable to make it to the Morristown concert (the venue is almost up the road from our house) but we had a prior engagement overseas
I am preparing a private message to you, Dan, to give you an easy method of burning a Red Rocks 1975 single CD with each track individually playable as an option
using high quality 192 kbps mp3s
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(where Sir does not signify that I am a fully benighted Knight just a Bt which signifies a humble Baronet -?? read the wiki!)
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