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Default Re: Gord on piano live - Fine as Fine Can Be

I can't add any more than what everyone else has said. What a fantastic recording!!

One of my son's favorites from back when he was 2 years of age was "Bend in the Water." This collection from Red Rocks is the first live recording of that song that I've ever heard.

What an interesting impromptu adjustment that occurred in the middle of "All the Lovely Ladies."

It must have been a wonderful treat to see Red Shea and Terry Clements perform together -- all I can say is "WOW"

Finally, if I am not mistaken, within a week or two of this Red Rocks concert, Gordon went into the studio and recorded the United Artist tracks to "Gords Gold." His voice on this Red Rocks recording does sound very much like it did on the "Gord's Gold" album.
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