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Default Re: Gord on piano live - Fine as Fine Can Be

Thank you so much for that one; takes me right back to the 75/76 Offenbach/Frankfurt concerts I attended. And to hear my all-time favorite `Now and then`sung live!!!!
That was quite a treat. I ended up on the floor,crying, which ,I suppose, is largely due to the fact that Im busy packing things my son will need to take along to France, where hes starting his Master Studies. I will drive him down to Lyon (about 1500kms, or some more,I havent checked yet). Question to you guys whose children have already left home: how long did it take for you to stop hypnotizing your phone or checking your mail account every other minute? Do you ever get used to not having them within reach ( for me, that was 400 kms for the last 4 years). Im wondering.
Thanks again . Vera
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