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Default Re: Two Recent Video Interviews of GL by Rudy Blair (680 News)

Originally Posted by charlene View Post
well the Filesend link worked for a few folks here and in e-mails I sent around so it wasn't a waste of anybody's time..If they choose to save it that's up to them.
Err Umm I never said that you were wasting your time. I was referring only to whoever took the trouble to upload one of the files to filesend.
It was only after I had used the filkesend link that I realised that it only covered the one file and after I had fruitlessly tried to locate the other video file on filesend the penny dropped and I tried and was able to use the two direct links that INS had posted. I thought that others should know that both video files could be grabbed that way.
Now I must see if I can quickly use the two wmv format video files to burn a DVD for posterity.
I suspect the quickest way will be to use SUPER Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer.
and firstly convert them to the DVD compliant mpeg-2 format
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