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Default Re: Was Gordon your very first choice as "All Time Fave" ?

Vera (Germany76),
Yup, I think we connect there as the musicians/groups you listed are also in my favorites. Rock music was just what turned me on to the wonders of music. Although I began to enjoy Lightfoot in the late '60s, I regret that I wasn't yet "consumed" by his magic (nor of age) to see him at 'The Riverboat' and other Yorkville coffee houses.

Since being infected by the music "bug" and coming down with severe "rock fever", I've gone on to discover folk artists such as Jim Croce, James Taylor, John Denver, and Canadians such as Stan Rogers, James Keelaghan and Aengus Finnan - to name just a few.

I also love Classical music and Jazz but I must admit that Rap and Hip-Hop still makes me cringe and double over in pain.

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