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Originally posted by Next_Saturday:

(Read this with a haughty English accent)

Brilliant weekender.(But those who know me will I trust agree that I do not have what anybody could call a "haughty English accent" other than what all Brits being blessed from birth with, the upbringing to speak the Queen's English with absolutely no accent whatsoever.
In fact coming from the West Country county of Dorset

The Three Elms near Sherborne my local pub for many a year
I consider that I really have a most unhaugthty twang, because a Dorset accent is quite broad me acker.
I would have sent you a Private Message but in that regard it is you who are the haughty one as it appears you do not want anybody to PM you. I was going to congratulate you on a job well done and ask if it took very long as I fear I have quite a lot of jpegs similarly misdated. More importantly, could you remove the date completely, as I ran into quite a lot of flak when Susan realised I had taken every picture with the date imprint turned on. I have about 500 plus all together but if it does not take too long I would love it if you would volunteer to remove the imprint on the best say 100.
Could you respond by a Private Mesage rather than bore the other punters here

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