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Originally posted by RWGuinn:
and couldn't figger out how to reduce the size.
You amaze me Roger.A man of your accomplishments and a digital camera to boot should have had no problem sussing out how to reduce the size of your megapixel originals. indeed as sure as egss are eggs your camera came with free software ( possibly on CDs that you just might have chucked out with the packaging oh dear oh dear oh dear!!, but there are hundreds if not thousasnds of ways of resizing using freeware programs, indeed I have previously mentioned a nifty bit of freeware
Photo Gadget
Free and easy tool for resizing images
Photo Gadget Pro is a shell extension that adds image editing options to Windows Explorer. Simply select images to work with, then right-click the selection ...
that adds a most convenient option to the right click menu

selecting that produces a simple popup

where as you can see the first option is the desirable 640 by 480 resizing
Another useful bit of freeware I very successfully used recently is
Batch Thumbs
because after our return from down under I found that I had well over 500 3.2 megapixel sized jpegs
including our group shot taken in Melbourne that Mende Joveski I know is anxious to see

from the left Mende Joveski,(catman)Ron, Moi,Newsgrouper Peter Treloar,my wife Susan,Ron's wife Roz.
I blanched at the thought of using photogadget or come to that any other editing program on each picture individually
but then I had a bright idea. cue drumroll!!
Batch Thumbs is basically intended for firstly making small thumbnails of a batch of pictures then optionally creating the full HTML code for a most suitable gallery page presenting the thumbs in a table each one clickable to open the full sized pic,a good example being the gallery I created for our foray up the Scottsdale Road in search of the megalopolis of Carefree during our 2002 visit to Borderstoneville AZ
My bright idea was to think outside the bun and realise that the program allowed you to select any size of "thumbnail" and it would then automatically make such "thumb" from each full sized jpeg in a folder. Thus by specifying a large "thumb" of 640 width and selecting the "force width" option every picture in a folder could be rapidly resized.Eureka already!!
I used the "force width" option which particularly applied to those pictures taken in the vertical "Portrait" mode as opposed to "Landscape" mode
Prior to the thumbnail operation I had used another useful feature; somewhere along the line my right click menu also acquired the instant ability to rotate an image using these two rotate operations

Now I'll have to try to find where that feature came from
I hope that gives some of you food for thought
Just trying to help

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